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Day Zero



Welcome Drinks 

Venue - TBC 

The event is only for the speakers. 

Day One


9. 45 - 10. 15 am


10. 30 am

Introduction and Welcome

10. 45 am

Keynote: Rachel Mundy

Title: TBC

11. 45 am

Coffee Break

12 pm 

Panel 1: Local Identities

The Spatial Significance of Bird Movement and Vocalisation in an Eastern Indonesian Community

Gregory Forth, Department of Anthropology, University of Alberta, Canada

Rupert de la Bère and the Cranwellian Cranes

Melanie Jackson, Department of Arts & Humanities, Bishop Grosseteste University, UK

The Cuckoo’s Leah: Birds, Naming, Belonging and Place in Early Medieval England

Michael J Warren, Independent Researcher, UK

1. 30 pm


2. 30 pm

Panel 2: Urban Territories

Overhead and Underfoot: The Everyday Proximities of Urban Pigeons

Shawn Bodden, Department of Geography, University of Edinburgh, UK


Making Buildings Hospitable with Swifts

Ariane d’Hoop, Université Saint-Louis, Belgium


Wings in the City: Living with Urban Birds in Greater Paris

Alizé Berthier, Department of Geography, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

4 pm 

Coffee Break

4. 15pm 

Panel 3: Aerial Perspective

‘Poetic Birds and Lyric Flights in the Age of the Anthropocene’

Clara Dawson, Department of English & American Studies, University of Manchester, UK


Birds as Intermediaries: a Reading of Aristophanes’, ‘The Birds’

Jeremy Mynott, University of Cambridge, UK


Angels have Bird Wings

Roger Wotton, Division of Biosciences, University College London, UK

6.30 pm 

Theatre: Zugunruhe by Tom Bailey

Venue - TBC 

The event is free and open to the public

8  pm 


Venue - Wolfson College,  Cambridge 

The event is only for speakers 

Day Two


9 am

Keynote: Dolly Jørgensen

Title: Displaying displacement: exhibiting extinct birds and their ecosystems in natural history museums

10 am 

Coffee Break

10.15 am

Panel 4: Mobile Margins, Mobile Worlds 

The Grey Parrot in the African Anthropocene

Nancy Jacobs, Department of History, Brown University, USA


Migration at the Limit: Mobile Birds Exploring the Edges of Life

Andrew Whitehouse, Department of Anthropology, University of Aberdeen, UK


Savage Magpies: Conceptualising the ‘New World’ through the Beak of a Toucan

Alex Lawrence, Faculty of Medieval & Modern Languages, University of Oxford, UK

11:45 pm

Coffee Break

12 pm

Panel 5: Sharing Outdoor Space

Birds in the Shared Spaces of British Farms from 1960

Paul Merchant, National Life Stories, British Library, UK


The Changing Geographies of Human-Starling relations in the Shared Spaces of the Anthropocene

Andy Morris, Department of Geography, Open University, UK


‘A Close-up’ View of Birds: Bird Reserve Management and the Shaping of Human/Avian Relations, circa 1940-75

Sean Nixon, Department of Sociology, University of Essex, UK

1. 30 pm


2. 30 pm

Panel 6: Artistic Representation of Birds in Space and Imagination


Matt Howard, poet and conservationist, UK

The Exploitation and Veneration of Birds: Past, Present and Future

Rebecca Jewell, Independent Researcher, UK


Centuries of Crafted Bird Lines Face Logo Times

Susan Clayton, Université Paris Diderot, Université Paris VII, France


Falling Birds

Helena Hunter, Independent Researcher, UK


For the Birds? Rehabilitating Animals, Rehabilitating Animality at Chicken Sanctuaries

Heather Rosenfeld, University of Wisconsin, USA

4  pm

Coffee Break

4. 15 pm

Reflection on the workshop

Philip Howell, University of Cambridge

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